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Quality Assurance System

[quality management system]

Shinkoh obtained ISO9001:2008 certification in headquarters, Tokyo sales office and Kansai sales office.
In accordance with recent revised content Shinkoh, as photo sensors and photo sensors unit manufacturer, continues to develop better quality control system with keeping manufacturing on ordinance observation and with making effort to satisfy customers.

Certification ISO9001:2008
Registration date Nov 2009







R & D section

R & D team, in design process, carries out mechanical, optical design and simulation by using leading edge desgin tools for customer's request. Ensuring mechanical consistency by 3D CAD, the problem occur beforehand, which can help to develop better products.
Moreover by using automatic measurement R &D team improves and innovates the design quality.





Production section

Automatic soldering machines and automatic appearance inspectors were installed in production section. Their goal is satisfying customers supplying more stable and higher reliable products. Manual soldering is also carried out by workers who are given education and recognized by our company. In order to keep traceability for a certain product, laser marking device was installed.
Lot management per package is not only success in our factory, lot management per products is also effective. Production section makes diligent fullfilling of requirements form customers.

Manufacturing control section

Purchasing department manages material by barcode and logistics flow to acceptance inspection in real time. Also Manufacturing control section checks strictly manufacturing process and quality in subcontract factory and is making efforts to maintain quality day to day.





Quality control section

Quality control promotes green procurement, RoHS compliant and REACH which are required for environment today and compiles a database. Additionally they manages and checks environmental load material like toxic materials, noise and pollution.