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Unique photo sensors (FAQ)

Unique photo sensors (FAQ)


Barcode Sensor


A:Barcode Sensor - This type sensor can read by small spot light or bar light-

KR1226/1227/1228/1229 can make small spot light or bar light by specific designed optical lens. By using this technology, these sensor can read small mark on the object which traditional sensor could not detect.
Moreover, these sensors can detect barcode and you can install these sensors into simplified bar code instrument.

Model LED light shape construction
KR1226 RED Point light flat surface of Sensor head
covered by plastic.
KR1227 IR
KR1228 RED Bar light Cylindrical lens
KR1229 IR

As all sensors is photo reflector combined LED and photo transistor, it is lower in cost as barcode sensor.


UV Reflective sensor


A : UV Reflective sensor - This sensor can detect fluorescent inks or materials.

Ultra Violet light (UV) is invisible light by human eyes. In Fluorescent materials there are some materials which have a UV absorption characteristics. Absorbed UV light is converted to visible light and re-emitted.

This phenomenon is applied for fluorescent coating by black light and display by fluorescent ink.

Recently this theory is used for high technology application. 
For instance, invisible barcode on post card, specific print on bill or passport for fake protection.

KR1570-AA/KR1571-AA is photo sensor which emits UV light and detect the fluorescent emission comes from object.
This sensor consists of UV LED and UV enhanced photo diode and is assembled with specific plastic lens. Generic clear acrylate resin is low transmissive ratio in UV light region and not suitable for UV sensor.


2m detecting distance sensor


A : 2m detecting distance sensor. - 2m detecting distance between emitter and detector-

Shinkoh can provide the photo sensor which has 2m of detecting distance between emitter and detector(specification value).
KB880 is separate photo interrupter which has a customized light modulation circuit and lens.
This is available for human passing detecting, object detection or position sensor of automation line.
There are many variation.
With LED indicator for detection alarm, with adjustment of detecting level, DC12V input operation or DC5V operation. and so on.
Because of simple structure compared to traditional opto switch for long distance detection, we achieve high performance by low cost.


deep slot interrupter


A : deep slot interrupter - length of slot depth is 22.0mm-

KI661series has 22mm slot depth. It is available for detecting position set back far from object edge, or irregular figure. Or it is also useful to detect variable detecting position.
It can design to detect the multi-staged slit at your own idea.


Wide slot sensor


A : Wide slot sensor - the length of slot width is 20mm-

KI1464 is a photo interrupter with wide slot of 20mm.
This is suitable for object which is wide or has big position variance.

In case of big instrument and object is separate from sensor, narrow gap type of Photo interrupter requires high accuracy of setting position. 
As KI1464 has wider slot, it does not require higher accuracy than that of generic photo interrupter.
Therefore, engineer can design the installation tolerance or material by use ofKI1464 easily.
For instance in counting object by photo interrupter, the guide tool is needed to prevent damaging of sensor or to move the object smoothly.
Engineer can design the guide tool by use of KI1464 easily.


4 direction mounting type interrupter


A : 4 direction mounting type interrupter -to mount from 4 directions

KI1400 series and KI1600 series have 4 direction mounting tab.

Normally in case of using plural sensors in one application, more than two kind of sensors are necessary.
For example, in vending machine there are many function such as sensor for coin passing detection, sensor for counting the number of coins, sensor for counting coin organized by category, sensor for counting coin as change etc, Because each sensors have different function, the way of mounting sensors are also different. That is why more than two type of sensors are necessary.
KI1400 series and KI1600 series have 4 direction mounting tab which means that specific design is not necessary and member control is very easy by standardization sensors.