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Medical Machine

1. Medical Equipment (Special Wavelength LED)

PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) for Cancer Treatment

PDT is one of advanced therapies for cancer treatment. It is applied to the drug called porphyrin as a light source and features suitable output and directivity. In 1990, the relevant research was performed in America and the LED products produced by our company were used for brain surgery to cure child cancer.

.Light source for blood glucose meter, pulse oximeter and other dialysis equipments for diabetes prevention

The portable blood glucose meter can be purchased by using insurance in America. Therefore, many kinds of blood glucose meters are available. We provide LED light modules for large medical equipment plants.

The medical equipment includes various calculating instruments, biochemical analyzers and immunoassay instruments, automatic hematology analyzers, medical diagnostics instruments, PCR analyzers, urine dipsticks analyzers, urine analyzers, magnetic bead purification instruments, etc.