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Headquarters: Shinkoh Electronic Co., Ltd.
Founded: 2006
Registered capital: HK $ 5.25 million
Employees: 180

Company Profile

ZHU HAI NIKKA-SHINKOH ELECTRONICS Co,.Ltd located in Nanping Industrial Zone, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, was established in 2006, is part of Japan's shinkoh electronic co.Ltd., now has a large number of experienced professionals in optical electronics, and has a modern clean workshops and industry advanced molding machine, bath, automatic soldering machines, laser cutting plotter and other production and testing equipment. The company has improved the quality management system and efficient manufacturing team, to ensure the quality of each product, the full implementation of the Japanese management model, the implementation of specific prohibition rework process.


The company's products are mainly groove type, separate type, Diffuse, retro-reflective, micro-touch-type photoelectric sensors and light-emitting and light-receiving components and other six series over 300 product categories, is the industry's widest range of products recognized breed most comprehensive photoelectric sensor manufacturers, as well as the special needs of customers to provide tailored business; product sales "new photoelectron" brand to take factory direct sales model, abolish intermediate circulation; products are widely used in the financial equipment, intelligent transportation equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, game machines, automation equipment, and other fields.


ZHU HAI NIKKA-SHINKOH ELECTRONICS Co,.Ltd do customers most intimate friend, bring a smile to the production of the product to the customer is the common aspiration of all our employees. We also continue to hold in the future knowledge and application of information technology in the world's first end, the expertise and dedication to the world, to achieve a new century and new era of photoelectric and continuous efforts!